happy newyear

  • 2010 ... the beginning

    First day of a new year and it's already the year 2010  !  All the festivities we had for the start of the year 2000 are already a decade ago.
    There's a saying about the fact that time flies fastly, and that you've to hurry to use it right .... and indeed time has flown very quickly, because it looks to me as it was only a couple of years ago that I went to the center of Brussels to see the great light-shows and fireworks for that special event.

    However, we start now a New Year and when I look back at 2009 I notice it has been a very busy year.
    I spend a lot of time by taking care of my mum, unfortunately I lost her at the end of the year,  
    I made a book about Cro-Tat (see right column),
    I met great people at the fairs during my demonstrations,
    I lost some weight - even with all the macarons and chocolates I eat ... (that's great !),
    I've got Vanessa, my fantastic daughter,
    who gave me gorgious fabrics and threads from her journeys of 2009 (she and Mathieu travelled many kilometers on this globe this year !),
    and they both still give me much support in these festive days, where everyone is happy, but where I feel even more the pain of my loss, 
    I also lost a friend and colleague just before christmas,
     thanks to you visitor(s), the counter of my blog is on more than 40.000 visits right now, and that's something I find super ... and encourages me to go on scribbling. 

    So : in a nutshell :
    my year was filled with many happy and some sad things. 
    Thus I can say that I lived good in 2009.

    My goals I made a year ago ? ... well they were rather realistic and I've done quite well !
    Much better than the very-well-paid-people-at-the-Copenhagen-Climate-Summit !!! Did you know that they used about 1200 limos and among that number of cars, only FIVE were electric or hybrids !!!!
    And they went to plan doing something for our earth ...  Is it typical of the job of politician that they loose all faculty of being consequently in their acts ??? A little common sense ???


    I would like to say to the whole world and all the persons living on this little globe :


    My goals for this year will be in the same line than 12 months ago ...
    I'll try to be reasonable with all the sweet things on earth : chocolates, macarons, cookies, ...
    I'll be exuberant in feelings like love and friendship, ...
    I'll continue to take my own bag for shopping, ...
    I'll try to post interesting stuff for you, so that you'll have also a great 2010. 
    Many ideas and creations are in my head and I just need the time to realise them.
    And free time is something I'll have more in 2010 !!!
    Because I start working half-time.
    Starting today, but because it's a holiday now and tomorrow is a saturday and then sunday, my 50%work-50%free-time will officially start next week !! 
    That gives me many hours to spend with my threads, fabrics, projects on going, ...   wauw !!!

    I'm going to start a new scarf in crochet with a little break ... not an aperitif, but this ....


    Not all the macarons today of course  .... though you all know me enough to realise that I'll stay a "delicacy-girl"  ....

    Have a very fortunate 2010 and a happy first of january !


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  • My Best Wishes to All of YOU !!!


    In every week, you have three very important days....

    One of these days is "Yesterday" with all its mistakes, blunders, and pains. 
    We cannot undo a single act we performed
    or erase a single word we said.
    Yesterday is gone forever.

    The other day we should not worry about is "Tomorrow" with all its possible burdens and problems.
    Tomorrow's sun will rise,
    either in splendor or behind a mask of clouds,
    but it will rise...

    This leaves us one day…"Today".
    That will be whatever you want it to be.
    Remind that it is not the experience of today that drives a person mad.
    It's the remorse of something that happened yesterday and the fear of what tomorrow may bring...

    So let's enjoy one day at a time,
    starting with this one
    where I send you my best wishes
    for all the weeks to come 
    and where I thank you all very much 
    for visiting my blog,
    day after day, one day at a time ...

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  • 2009 ! Hip Hip Hoera !

    L'an 2009 est là. Comme d'habitude (pour beaucoup d'entre nous) en ce début d'une nouvelle année nous allons faire une petite liste avec toutes les bonnes résolutions à prendre. Nous sommes évidemment convaincues que cette fois-ci, nous allons les tenir !  Cette année je les ai trouvées sur mon frigo........et je suis absolument certaine de réussir en 2009 ! Voyez vous-même...


    Traditiegetrouw starten we een jaar met die eeuwig-terugkerende goede voornemens (helaas houden we die niet altijd vol, maar dat is een ander verhaal). Deze eerste dag van januari stel ik jullie mijn objectieven voor, gevonden op de magneetjes van de koelkast zodat ik ze elke dag minstens een paar keer zie. Of het helpt ?? Ik denk wel te slagen dit jaar, want deze keer zijn ze heel realistisch en doenbaar. Toch drie van de vier !


    Pour la suivante, soyons d'accord, elle ne me posera aucun problème, ni à moi, ni à vous ! Voilà ce que doivent être ces fameuses liste absolument à faire : réalisables !



     Is the following wish arrogant ? Maybe, but I got this magnet from a friend, whatever she meant with it .......

    I can wish it to.



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  • écoutons la musique...


    Entre deux enregistrements sur mon nouveau petit MP3 que ma fille et son ami viennent de m'offrir.....

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