• little room


    My apartment is becoming nice, very nice!

    Today I’ll share with you the smallest room …

    You guessed?

    It’s very important to feel cozy, comfort, relaxed, loving and welcoming there!!

    Ooohh …


    So I made it a “heart-room”.  A late permanent Valentines party.
    Can you feel the heartbeat?

    harten 3.jpg

    The big framework contains a poster of a Kaffe Fassett’s painting, which I bought years ago when Liliane and I went to Bath (UK) to see his exhibition, which was, by the way, gorgeous. I remember the expedition we had with British Railways from London to Bath … but for me it’s not unusual; I always have adventures on the train.


    And then I glued four Heart-mirrors on the wall, and decorated it further with all kind of hearts I collected in the last few months.

    Probably I’ll find some more in the future;
    I still have the opposite wall …

    There’s also my embroidered heart, and the gri-gri of Queenie I hung in a red iron heart, and one which tells you that you’re in the ‘Toilettes’ …

    Enjoy with me!!

    mirror .jpg

    Tomorrow is a big day for our Belgian Quilters Guild! 
    We have our annual member’s day and we’ll be there over 300 quilters. Unfortunately I didn’t yet unpack my quilter’s supplies and work-in-progress, so I’ll have the excuse to chat, babble, talk a whole day and meet many other quilters.

    It’s going to be a nice day! I can feel it.


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