• beautiful glas plate of mine

    Do you remember what I bought (among many other stuff) at Creativa Namur beginning of this month?
    My visit over there was the opportunity to meet Queenie (click!)
     and when we stood at the booth of G’art-à-vous (www.gartavous.com) … I was tempted by the colorful plates showed on the wall.
    Thus I bought a set to make a glass plate.


    And here it is … finished!
    Spend my Sunday with painting varnishing and finishing my glass plate.  
    Is the result okay?
    Yes and No …

    First tell you the “how to”.

    I began to cover the back of my plate with a layer of glue varnish, let it dry - every following step took about 40 minutes to dry.
    Then had to put the parts of napkin on it (there were four cats on the napkin, I took only two of them, to leave me enough place for the painting), followed by another layer of glue-varnish.
     It was mentioned in the notice that I had to cover the back of the napkin-part with white paint, so I did, but won’t repeat it, because I prefer the transparency instead of the opaque view.


    After all those steps I put some crackling medium on certain parts, then several layers of paint in different “spots and lines”, and then the final dark green painting to cover the crashes of the crackling medium (which was crackling again…). So you see that it takes a while with all the drying periods between.


    I would have used a hairdryer, it would have gone faster, but I was busy with other tasks like laundry, some cleaning, and some orderings … between all these “layers”.
    that means that I had the result only in the evening … also because after all those layers of building up my ‘décor’, it had to go in an oven at 150° for half an hour, and get cold slowly in the oven.

    So … was I pleased when I took it out the oven?

    Yes, because I love my colors and my design, certainly when I see it near the picture I took on the booth with the model of  G’art-à-vous.

    step5 finish.jpg

    No, because of some (minor) little defaults I saw after the baking process.

    I’ve left two little drips of varnish that have gone over the edge – but this I could remove with a file.

    What I find more disturbing is the fact that a little part of my napkin-paint-varnish got detached from my plate and it made a (in my eyes: big) bubble.
    I could push the bubble flat, but I still feel and see this mistake.  
    GGGrrrrr !?!

    step4 défauts.jpg

    Nevertheless, I’ll still use my plate for little haberdashery, keys, stuff …


    And I started painting, crackling, varnishing a glass salad bowl with the two other cats … wait and … see it here on a following post!!!




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