• I'm moved!!!

    Here I am! I’ve moved with all my boxes and furniture, everything is piled up in the new apartment (except for some stuff, but I’ve got till the end of the month to liberate the old home). 

    Some rooms are 100% ready like the kitchen (thanks to the friends who helped!!!): I can cook, I can eat and drink, everything is clean, except in one corner where all the empty cardboard boxes are piling up. Look …


    1 kitchen.jpg

    By the way: did you notice the beautiful hooked potholders Nadine made for my new kitchen?

    I could already ‘decorate’ some corners so that I’m surrounded with some cozy “home-feeling”.

    2 home decor.jpg

    Then there is my room, thanks to Mathieu who build up the wardrobe the same evening so that I could quickly store my clothes. Next room that was one of the “most urgent” ones: the bathroom = that’s done to.

    Liliane, Sonja and Nadine came to arrange all my books in the bookshelves of the living.  And two of their husbands came to hang up the lights/chandeliers, the curtain rods, everything that needed a drill. I’m blessed to have such help from the friends!

    3 bib.jpg

    What’s not yet done?  The dining part of the living room (that’s the room Liliane and I painted the day before moving in… very stressful time!), a part of the hallway is still waiting to be arranged …

    4 undone.jpg

    And the most tremendous place: my studio!!! That’s still a huge, very huge mess.

    5 studio.jpg

    I was clever enough to put aside my hook and some yarn, so that, now that I can enjoy my sofa in the evening, I can do some crochet.

    So, today I’m going to try to find my sewing machine, some thread in one of the boxes (???) and start making my curtains, because so far, I’m sleeping under the stars … behind a very cloudy sky, I admit the weather isn’t quite clear. (I had luck on the moving day: only with the last boxes to unload, it started to rain)
    So I thought that, as it is still winter, the nights would be dark enough and sleeping without a curtain wouldn’t be difficult … I have to note that my little city is very, very well lightened!
    Amazing how clear it can be at midnight!
    Luckily I’m not in an apartment ground floor, but higher and a little closer to the sky, so I don’t really have the neighbors peeping into my home!
     I’ll post later a view from my terraces, but I can already tell you that I see the Atomium very well! Every time when there will be fireworks, I’ll see it!

    Another thing to do, rather urgently, is to catch up all the reading from the net.
    All the blogs I follow … I’m surprised to see how much posts are publicized in these last ten days.

    But no problem … that will give me the excuse to empty one or more boxes a little later and to sit down and relax with some interesting lecture.


    have a nice starting of a new week






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