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  • bonnet-écharpe bis

    and it's now with a pompon  Lachen

    by vidertextil, pompon, tricotin,

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  • pelotes ...

    Aujourd’hui c’était les portes ouvertes des « PELOTES DE SACHA »

    Donc une petite escapade bruxelloise s’imposait ce matin.

    C’est un peu se faire plaisir soi-même, sentir entre ces doigts de belles couleurs et de belles matières, pur nature !!!

    Mon butin J J J, le voici  … et une commande en route …



    Fines laines pour projets fins et délicats, et la grosse pure laine rouge tachetée de jaune et gris pour un gros col snood dont la couleur s’accordera à merveille à ma nouvelle veste d’hiver …

    le pelotes de sacha, pure laine,

    c’est ainsi que les pelotes de Sacha deviennent les pelotes de Viviane …


    Celles qui ne connaissent pas encore : c’est ici – clicliclic pour le site web, clicliclic pour la page Facebook

    Alors ? Qui se laisse aussi tenter par une petite pelote ????

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  • creativa bru2014


    Encore aujourd’hui … et puis c’est fini ! J’y monte tout de suite, visiter encore Artisanart et rejoindre l’équipe de l’Assoc.B.Patch. 

    Quelques achats quand même …  

    Une belle laine avec un fil bien rond (j’ai hâte de l’essayer …) et en même temps je signale aux Bruxelloises et environs les liens et les cours de Kaleidoscope (clic ici ou aller voir son blog !) 


    kaleidoscope bruxelles, cours tricot crochet

     et puis quelques tissus (le chevron-boule-cœur-ensemble … c’est la faute à Zlatka !!) – un beau morceau avec le chevalier et son château (devinez pour qui ???) et un porte clef – mignone petite tortue en noix.




    et quelques dentelles vraiment pas chères  



    et surtout la visite de nombreuses ‘copinautes’, de belles rencontres, bons moments de papotage avec Queenie – elle s’est lancée tout récemment dans la frivolité au crochet et m’a offert un magnifique petit cadeau: une broche, dentelle et trèfle en frivo (et c’est du moment avec la st.patrick’s.day !!) et de belles boucles. Bravo et merci encore Queenie !  


    queenie, frivolité au crochet


    Mais … j’ai ratée Geneviève et Rachel … Huilen … pendant que je discutais sur autre stand concernant quand même le ‘travail’ de l’association Belge du Patch Onbeslist 
                 pourquoi je n’arrive pas à voir tout le monde  ????




    allez …. Hop … dernière ligne droite … tout en fleurs parfumées


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  • miss babs

    miss babs yarn


    Just received a package from the States …
    I ordered on the internet at Miss Babs, which was totally unknown to me before I found throughout Facebook.
    Have been looking to the site often and for quite a while … with all that yarn and all those colors.
    I decided that I just had to try it – irresistible, an overpowering attraction to those yarn …
    And I dared to order without ever having felt those fibers between my fingers! Normally I never do this, because I know that such thing is taking high risks: I often saw pictures on the net from items that looked really nice but where in fact they were much better than when I saw it in real in a shop – Photoshop is doing wonderful job on some sites – and thus afterwards there is often a big disappointment … Also knowing that there are custom-fees to pay above the paid amount for it (coming from out of Europe!) …
    But as I said, this was such a gorgeous mix of colors that were tempting me, and the spun looked so regular and smooth … and …
    , in real, it’s really that gorgeous and smooth. I’m happy with my purchase. And I received a little sample-skein in red in my package, and a little stitch marker on the card … found that a really nice attention to the customer!

    Right now, I’m just keeping it as a skein on my table … to look at and enjoy it … before I’ll make a ball of it and put it on my needles.
    Am busy with another project for the moment, so, one thing at a time


    The website (click here) 
    Facebook (click here)


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  • storm and cap


    After all the warnings made on television and radio in the last days for the upcoming storm … here it is.
    My region (north Brussels) is not (yet?) in the middle of the whole force of nature and I ‘m thus lucky.
    Yesterday morning I’ve put everything close together on my terraces and cleaned it a little up and the result so far is that the plants that still had some leafs, don’t have any left on their branches (or some little ones): the wind did a good job, but nothing is broken, or felt down.
    As the most of my little trees are on plant stand on wheels, they just ‘traveled’ a little on my terrace  




    In my street all trees are still standing, some branches on the ground, but only small ones. 
    I hear on the radio that lots of family’s in France are without electricity; Belgium is one of the countries that invested on most places in underground pipes filled with everything that’s necessary for fixed phone lines, electricity, gas and all the rest …  so most of our electricity is underground. That makes that a lot of times for any kind of repair or work we have open footpaths, but on the other hand a storm wind won’t get down as many poles with all kind of cables as in neighbor-countries. Luckily it’s also the start today of a holiday week for school, so less people are on the road…


    when I started writing this, wind was getting calmer, now it starts again blowing very hard … it’s changing so quickly. In a few minutes time I see a total different sky, filled with other clouds…

    Weather services on the radio still warn for 100km/per hour winds till midday … so I’m staying home.


    My neighbors on the other side of the street went on holiday and left their windows open… don’t think those curtains will survive longtime  L.


    Meanwhile I knitted a new hat for my little Q.

    Q's cap

    A simple hat knitted top down: start with 6 stitches (on four needles), increase every two rows with one stitch six times, till the width that you need, all in stockinette – I measured his head while he was looking at a little book on my knees.
    I made a big border and continued in 1Knit,1Purl and decreased in the first row every 7 stitches, otherwise it would be too wide. Here you’ve got to look the kind of wool you use, if it’s very elastic you could decrease less, if not, you might decrease more.
    I used merino - pure wool – 100m on 50 gr & needed two balls including the pompons, and knitted with needles of 4mm. When I had the height needed, I bind off the neck and front stitches. I never put earflaps in the middle but a little more to the back of the head. I finished with a crab stitch on the front border. Then still two cords I made with the small knitting mill – or you could make an I-cord with just the same result!

    Cap with earflaps

    I have a few meters left of my two balls, so 200m is more than enough to make two big pompons, two i-cords on a cap with a height of 20cm (without measuring earflaps) and circumference of +/-45cm.
    I made the border very elastic.so it would stay stretchy

    bonnet avec oreillettes

    I have the same red color in thinner yarn, still pure wool, and now I’ll make him some mittens. And then he’ll need a scarf.
    Still a lot to do




    Hope you don’t have to travel far today and that you don’t have damages. Have a nice day!



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  • ... coming soon ...

    esagono, picture by ViDerTextil

    encore un peu de patience ...

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  • Flora-Pot

    Here it is: my new sample for my demonstrations of the Flower-Loom and the Pompon-Maker of Prym
    It’s including also some crochet …







    As I know many of you can’t make it to Aiguille En Fête, I made a tutorial of the total project. It’s a free download on Ravelry … clic here

    And I think you’ll all guess that I had fun to make these flowers and pompons … it was like I was a little girl again JJ




    Voici mon nouveau projet pour les démonstrations que je ferais pour l’appareil à fleurs et l’appareil à pompons de Prym
    Il y a aussi un peu de crochet à faire …

    J’ai fait une tuto avec beaucoup de photos détaillées, étape par étape, pour toutes celles d’entre vous qui ne sauront venir à Paris la semaine prochaine : c’est ici … Ravelry … clicclic

    Faut-il ajouter que je me suis amusée comme une gamine à bricoler ces petits trucs … J J 







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  • hooded scarf, écharpe-bonnet


    I so much enjoyed the warmth of it, the softness, the way it can be wrapped around me …


    Yarn=Kauni, double, needle 6,5





    Les derniers jours, elle était mon compagnon quand je sortais, elle me gardait bien au chaud en m’enveloppant bien tendrement …


    Laine = Kauni, tricotée en double avec un 6,5mm

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